• Comix of Cult & Occult

    On July 25th 2019 Jason will deliver a talk about how an interest in the occult led to the genesis of his original underground publication 'Satanic Mojo Comix' at Treadwell's occult bookshop in London.

    In the talk he will be touching on the history of underground comix and how they have influenced and been influenced by the likes of The Process Church of the Final Judgement, the Children of God, the Mason Family, Jonestown Massacre, Chick Tracts, Source Family, AUM Shinrikyo, Compendium Maleficarum, Tijuana Bibles, Weird Tales and more...
    Tickets £10

    tickets here

  • Art Model Collective.

    Since 2016 I have been hosting life drawing events with model led group Art Model Collective.
    See link, below, for latest dates:
    |https://artmodelcollective.com/|Art Model Collective

  • Resistance Rising!

    The Resistance Gallery has been a big supporter of my work & group show projects for several years now. In 2009 ResGal founder Garry Vanderhorne & I co-curated The Iconography Of Mask exhibition & 3 day festival, see video here , They also provided a home for my Jack Kirby tribute show “Hail To The King” & “SuperSatanicSaturdays” performance events.
    ResGal are the one of London’s top underground indie arts venues as well as playing host to Lucha Britannia & a wide array of art events, club nights and experimental theatrical performance.

    In the early hours of Aug 15th vandals set fire to the recycling bin outside the gallery, the flames quickly spread inside the building destroying the stage & dressing room areas, the electrics, soundproofing and plastic ceiling cladding.

    To cut a long story short, they currently need to raise £15,000 to pay for repairs and refurbishments and have started a crowd funding campaign here: Resistance Rising

    I am offering one of the fund raiser ‘perks’ and for £200 will sketch and paint your portrait on canvas. Don’t worry if you can’t come to London to sit for me in person as I will also be offering a Skype portrait sitting option.

    Resistance Rising!

  • Satanic Mojo on indiegogo

    Follow the link for the crowd funding site for my new art project satanic Mojo

  • Satanic Mojo

    Launching Dec 6th my new mixed media, indiegogo project "Satanic Mojo" debuts.

    The first stage of this project is an anthology comic and black light poster which form part of a metafictional collection of facsimile ephemera from the mythical Satanic Mojo Studio.
    Click the link below for a list of perks:

    Satanic Mojo

    For further information visit:

    Satanic Mojo Blog

  • Black X-mas

    My triptych "I am the Death Machine" will be showing at the Black X-mas group show curated by Gaye Black. At The Signal Gallery London

    29th Nov-21st Dec The Signal Gallery, 32 Paul Street, London Ec2

  • The Illustrated Ape

    I have art directed issue #29 of The Illustrated Ape magazine together with Honey Manko for the Attempted Murder studio. This issue launches with a 1 month exhibition at Orbital Comics, 8 great Newport Street, London WC1.

    Ape magazine comes in a Takeaway Gallery bag together with a 24 track "Torchsongs And Firehoses" CD & 50 page comix supplement. RRP £20 available at Orbital for the duration of the show for £15 with a special gift from Monkey Shoulder Whisky.

  • The UnEnterable Salon

    This summer I will be opening up my home, "White Box In The Sky" to the general public as part of the UnEterable Salon series of events.

    You will have the chance to buy art & good at special reduced prices, pose for a portrait, arrange a private commission, browse my sketchbooks or simply marvel at the amazing view (the box is a part of a monolithic masterpiece of brutalist architecture by Erno Goldfinger)

    RSVP to atomic@jasonatomic.co.uk

    |white box in the sky promo video by Honey Manko|https://vimeo.com/44192516|

  • Charles Of London collaboration

    The Atomic Royal jubilee themed fabric debuted at Brighton fashion week on Weds 30th of May see pics on the Jason Atomic blog

  • Stripped

    Stripped is the latest exhibition that I've curated for the gallery at Orbital Comics

    Stripped is a group show celebrating the iconography of comics as well as the physical objects themselves.

    See full listings artist Q&As etc at the Stripped blog: comixstripped

    Stripped runs March 1st to April 1st at Orbital Comics, 8 Great Newport St London WC2

  • Soho Portrait sketching at The Society Club

    Sat 10th Dec

    3-7pm portrait sketching 'while-u-wait' at The Society Club est 1957, 12 Ingestere Place, Soho, W1.

    prices start at £10 for a clean line, pen on paper portrait.

  • Alice At The Palace.

    Oct 29th

    I was called in at the last minute to act as a zombie compere introducing the support acts and costume contest winners at Alice Cooper's Halloween Night Of Fear! at The Alexandra Palace, London.

  • Mexico Sinestro

    3rd Nov
    Group show inspired by the dark side of Mexican culture at Resistance Gallery.

    I contributed 2 paintings from my luchadora series featuring my muse Honey Manko posing as imaginary female mexican wrestlers 'Las Furies' and 'Venoma'

  • Magick Eye

    27th Oct- 27th Nov 2011

    A horror and magic themed halloween group show co-curated famed by UK comic artist Garry Leach. at Orbital Comices Gt Newprt St, London WC1.

    also featuring artists including: Rufus Dayglow, David Hine, Shaky Kane, Dame Darcey, Madame Talbot, Barry William Hale, Feroze Alam, Lamour Supreme, Vlad Quigley, Una Fricker

  • Mac User Awards

    20th Oct

    Live portrait sketching performance at The mac User Awards, Vinopolis, London.

  • Kirby Enthusiasm.

    A group show, inspired by Hail to The King, curated by Rand Hoppe (The Kirby Museum.

    also featuring over 30 artists including: Lamour Supreme, Gothic Hangman, Vlad Quigley, Tom Scioli

    15th Oct 2011

    opening at Maxwells 1039 Washington St, Hoboken NJ.

  • Mail Art (Post Ray Johnson)

    11th-22nd Oct 2011

    An exhibition of mail art collaborations between pairs of artists at A£D Gallery, Chiltern St, London.
    I collaborated on 3 works with Anthony Ausgang, Dennis Franklin and Brett Ewins.

    also featuring: Andrew Logan & Zandra Rhodes, Billy Name

  • Suckpax3 trading cards are out!

    Sept 2011

    I contributed 26 hand painted black & white sketch cards to be randomly inserted into packs of Suckadelic's Suckpax series 3 trading cards produced by Sidekick media.

    This time I contributed a set of cards that when combined form an SD manga style comic strip featuring Suckadelic super-villain Vektar the Intolerable.

  • PC User Awards

    9th Sept 2011

    Live portrait sketching perfomance at the Pc User Awards, The Graphic Bar, Golden sq, Soho.

  • Spirit Of Hope

    I contributed 4 pages of diary, scrap & sketchbook words and pictures documenting my experiences of the 1995 Great Hanshin Earthquake to this earthquake relief comic strip anthology.
    also featuring: Michael Alred, Al Davison, Nick Abadzis, Henry Flint, Lew Stringer and more...

    July 23rd 2011
    launch event/signing session at Forbidden Planet comics London.

  • Hail To The King!

    A tribute to Jack 'The King' Kirby.
    I curated and exhibited in this show where artists from a variety of disciplines were invited to contribute work inspired by the late geat king og comics.
    featuring artists including: Anthony Ausgang, Gothic Hangman, Sucklord, Mark Wigan, Garry Leach, Feroze Alam, Vlad Quigley, Angela Edwards, Espira, Yes!Future! & Jack Kirby himself!
    24th March- 5th April
    teaser preview at Gosh! comics Gt Russel St (opposite British Museum)
    7th- 22nd April
    Resistance Gallery, Poyser Street
    9th-29th July
    Orbital Comics, Great Newport St.
    29th July
    Closing event, live panel discussion organised by comics expert Paul Gravett.
    Also featuring UK comics creators Ilya, Garry "Marvelman" Leach, David "Bulletproof Coffin"Hine, American Kirby expert, author of' Hand Of Fire', Charles Hatfield & Forbidden Planet founder Mike Lake.

  • Voltron: United and Drawn

    Full page painting of super robot Voltron published in 5finity's Voltron: United and Drawn.

  • Hammer Horror & Dr Who

    March 2010
    hand painted sketch cards featuring monsters from Hammer Horror films and Dr Who TV shows inserted randomly into packets of Stricly Ink's Hammer Horror & Dr Who trading cards.

  • Proud2 at the O2

    3rd & 5th of March
    Live portrait sketching at the launch events for the party/performance venue Proud2 at the O2.

  • Satanic Mojo

    Feb 2011

    Atomic devil sketches adorn long sleeved t-shirts and hoodies for Tokyo fashion house Milkboy.

    "Satanic Mojo" is an anagram of Jason Atomic

  • Hack/Slash

    25 hand painted sketch cards randomly inserted into packs of 5finity's Hack/Slash trading card series.

    These were miniature portraits in red, black & white acrylic of my muse Honey Manko posing as comic character Cassie Hack.

  • The Bulletproof Coffin

    2 of my fan-art paintings, of character The Coffin Fly, make an un-credited appearance in the backgrounds of a panel in the 6th issue of Shaky Kane and David Hines graphic novel published by Image Comics.

  • Expo For Mattia

    26th April- 6th May, Palazzo Filangieri, Naples.
    Exhibiting and live sketching alongside artists from around the world including: Carlos Enriques Gonzales, Mad Matze, LET, Schoony, Emilio Garcia, Pure Evil and many more.

  • The Shop That fell To Earth

    Dec 13th 2010

    Live portrait sketching and painting at the pop-up shop curated by London punk fashion house Charles Of London.

  • The Art Hustle

    The Art Hustle is an ambitious project which features profile and art cards, along with randomly packed original artwork from 75 artists from around the world. Some of the heroes of the underground, graffiti, toy art, low brow & sci-fi art scenes can be found here.
    I'm proud to be included in the roster but sad to say that fellow contributor The Rammellzee did not live to see it's release.

    The cards are designed to resemble the collectible trading cards of the past with pasteboard card, wax packs and even the notorious stick of gum.

    The Art Hustle trading cards are out now & limited to 300 boxes, see link for full details:

    The Art Hustle


    I've just been confirmed as a contributor for ACT ART 8.

    ACT ART 8 – CENSORED Friday 9th July 2010.

    The Islington Metal Works, Angel, London, EC1V 1NQ

    100 Artists, 1 Venue, 1 Night, 5 rooms, 10 Live Spaces + Seated Cinema

    The theme this year is Censorship and I'll be creating a special 4m long illustration based on my collage work entitled "Censorship is Obscene"

    visit ACT ART for further information

  • It's ALL about ME in 2D

    It's ALL about ME in 2D is an illustration based group show on until May 9th 2010.
    I have contributed a 3m long illustration featuring some of my favourite icons, influences and inspirations.
    (these include, Flash Gordon, The Zanti Misfits, Divine, Jack Kirby, Elizabeth 1, The Green Goblin, Beethoven & more...)

    Also contributing:


    Enzo Apicella

    Lewis Campbell


    Oliver Harud

    The Others, 6 and 8 Manor Road London N16 5SA

  • Atomic interview in Mudkiss book

    The excellent online Punk fanzine 'Mudkiss' interviewed me last year & did a bloody good job of it too, you can find it in their annual compendium here available here:
    Mudkiss fanzine

  • Atomic in Bizarre magazine.

    There is a feature on me in the March 2010 issue of Bizarre magazine, out Feb 16th (my birthday, yay!)

  • Star Wars Galaxy 5

    Feb 2010
    I will have 50 hand painted cards distributed randomly in packs of Topps Star Wars Galaxy 5 trading cards.
    I will also have 6 returns available for sale later in the year.

  • New English Pottery: Tectonic Plates

    I have just submitted a design for what is hoped to be the World's biggest exhibition of art plates.
    This is for the New English 'Tectonic Plates' exhibition to be held in Stoke in March & New York in April.
    More info coming soon.

  • Live sketching at Club RUB

    On Jan 23rd 2010 I'll be live sketching at club RUB, one of the premier fetish clubs in London.
    see link below for more details:


  • Iconography Of Mask

    I'm curating this show, now over 40 contributors! full listing and links below:

    Jason Atomic & Garry Vanderhorne present:
    Iconography Of Mask
    Restistance Gallery, 265 Poyser St, Bethnall Green, London.

    A 3 day festival of masks featuring:
    Exhibition opening party Thursday 30th July from 7pm-11pm.
    Art, DJ's and bands Friday 31st 8pm-2am.
    Seminars, workshops, fashion show & masked ball Sat 1st from 2pm till Sunday morning.

    This is the first in a proposed annual festival & travelling show.
    The Resistance Gallery is also the home to Lucha Britannia the UK equivalent to Mexican "Lucha Libre" masked wrestling.

    Over the weekend there will be performances by masked bands, wrestling demonstrations, mask making workshops etc... all culminating in the spectacular masked ball on the saturday night.

    The exhibition features new mask related paintings by Jason Atomic and a group display of masks hand made and customised masks contributed by over 40 artists from around the world.

    There will be a glossy full colour catalogue/magazine designed available to order online, issue 1 will be on sale at the show and a revised edition will be prepared after the event to incorporate late entries, reviews and pictures from the opening, performances etc...

    Confirmed contributors (in alphabetic order)

    Jason Atomic http://www.jasonatomic.co.uk
    Anthony Ausgang http://www.ausgangart.com
    Simon Aronson http://www.themakingspace.co.uk
    Bonnie Baker http://www.myspace.com/pixiespider
    Bigfoot http://www.bigfootone.com
    Daniel "The Horror" Cantrell http://www.goodvsevilzine.blogspot.com
    Fernando Carpaneda http://www.fernandocarpaned.com
    Charles of London http://www.charlesoflondon.com
    Leee Black Childers http://www.myspace.com/leeechilders
    Mark "Turbochainsaw" Clifton http://www.turbochainsaw.co.uk
    Ben Constantine http://www.plumpoyster.com
    Warwick Fraser-Coombe http://www.warwickfrasercoombe.co.uk
    Cutterskink http://www.cutterskink.com
    dr.d http://www.drd.nu
    Johnny Deluxe (Yes!Future!) http://www.myspace.com/yesfuturelondon
    Espira http://www.espira.co.uk
    Sabine Arminjon von Filth http://www.myspace.com/pretty_polly82
    Pam Glew http://www.pamglew.co.uk
    Grave Industries http://www.myspace.com/grave2004
    Deborah Griffin
    Henry Hate (Prick Tattoo) http://www.henryhate.com
    ITEM a.k.a Adrien Koleric http://www.thinkitem.com
    Lady Love http://www.myspace.com/lady_love_babs
    Makkinoso http://www.makkinoso.com
    Honey Manko http://www.myspace.com/mankosuicide
    Jack Mclean http://.assemblylanguage.com/reviews/McLean.html
    Miss Mirma http://www.martinacorradi.com/
    Miscellany a.k.a Tamara http://www.myspace.com/miscellanyuk
    Monsterlune http://www.monsterlune.com
    Ben Newman http://www.bennewmanart.blogspot.com
    Part2ism http://www.myspace.com/part2ism
    James Powderly http://graffitiresearchlab.com
    Riot Queer http://www.myspace.com/riot_queerrr
    Vlad Quigley http://www.vladquigley.com
    Scottee http://www.scottee.co.uk
    Suckadelic http://www.suckadelic.com
    The Drag Fiend Crew http://www.myspace.com/thedragfiendcrew
    The Gothic Hangman http://www.gothichangmanstudios.com
    Nix Toxic http://www.nixtoxic.com
    Uolevi http://koti.kapsi.fi/retromantik/
    Garry Vanderhorne http://www.luchabritannia.co.uk


    for further info & chat join our Facebook group:

    And the event page:

  • Star Wars Galaxy 4

    I was recently asked to contribute some original 'sketch cards' to the Topps Star Wars Galaxy 4 trading card series.

    I submitted 100 miniature paintings of vintage Star Wars action figures, on cards shaped like Darth Vader & Stormtrooper helmets, these were inserted at random into packs of these cards.

    Find out all about it in the interview here:

    | http:​/​/​toysrevil.​blogspot.​com/​2009/​03/​swg4-​jason-​atomic.​html

  • One Honey Of An 'O' art book on sale now.

    One Honey Of An 'O'

    Edited and compiled by Honey Manko, One Honey of an "O" takes the reader on a trip through the porno scrapbooks of Jason Atomic.

    43 pages, 16.83 cm x 26.03 cm, saddle-stitch binding, white interior paper , full-colour.

    order from:


  • NPG video online.

    A short film of my attempt to set a world land-speed record at the National Portrait Gallery by Slackalice Films can be found here:


  • Gazelland: Art Issue

    On Saturday Dec 13th 2008 I will be exhibiting and performing at a special exhibition to launch Gazelland magazine: Art Issue.

    Gazelland is the leading publication chronicling the icons of the international freak scene. I'm proud to say I am featured alongside the likes of Fernando Carpaneda, Tina Cassati, Olan, Piepke, Ada Zanditon & Math You.

    Saturday Dec 13th 6 to 9pm.

    The Steps Gallery, 45 Moreton Street, Pimlico SW1

    For more information on the magazine visit:

  • Sucklord sketching video

    See me sketching the notorious bootleg artist Sucklord for my favourite artist portrait series here on YouTube:



    Sat Oct 18th at the Juno Bar Shoreditch High St.
    I will battle the illustrator known as Drunk Park, with marker pens and black paint for white washed wall supremacy.

    Come & scream for me I need to raise the decibel levels to beat the clap-o-meter vote.


  • Molokomalchick

    Tokyo fashion house Milkboy recently asked me to come up with a new t-shirt design with words and some kind of simple image.

    The name Milkboy put me in mind of A Clockwork Orange, the droogs supping their Molokoplus in the Korova Milk Bar.
    I wrote a little story about how it feels to buy and wear Milkboy trousers in Nadsat & came up with a simple accompanying illustration.

    Molokomalchick is Milkboy directly translated into Nadsat.


  • Atomic interview on YouTube

    Film marker Robert Carrithers has just posted a video he shot of me;

    on youtube at: http://www.youtube.com/Azrazrum
    or at vimeo at: http://vimeo.com/1644551

    This was filmed at the Babylon Academy group show, at Kunsthaus Tacheles in Berlin, July 12th 2008.


    I'll be contributing a customised Suckadelic figure to the "SUPER SUCKLORD CUSTOM SHOWCASE" at Munky King in Los Angeles.
    The opening will be on Oct 30th 2008.

    I'm thrilled to be a part of this event, Sucklord is one of my favourite artists & this will be my first show in the USA.

  • Graffle 2

    I've donated 2 pieces to Graffle 2 (see image in Exhibitions folder) tickets are available online now at £10 each.

  • GOOD vs EVIL zine

    I've contributed a couple of pages to Daniel Cantrell's art-zine GOOD vs EVIL.

    You can buy it here:


  • Return of The Batcave. July 11th

    I'll be live sketching in "the weird room" when legendary London nightclub The Batcave returns on July 11th.

    full details & booking info here:

  • June 20th, National Portrait Gallery London

    I set a World land-speed record for portraiture at The National Portrait Gallery London on the evening of June 20th.

    Surrounded by an enthusiastic crowd, cheering and taking picture I sketched 42 full length portrait sketches in marker pen on paper during the hour set for the task.
    The event was open to the general public and my subjects included, children, oldies, punk rockers, a pirate, a transexual and a female body builder in a bikini.

    I was shot by photographer Christopher Sims and filmed by Alex Snelling, both of whom I also sketched.

    The event formed part of the opening party for the BP portrait awards 2008.
    Sadly Guinness declined to recognise my achievement as they are unable to define what exactly is a portrait. The NPG however support my claim and I'm sure would welcome any challengers to come forward & attempt to beat my record.

    Personally that for the purpose of this exercise it would be possible to set criteria for judging wether a particular drawing qualifies as a portrait. The model being happy with the likeness I feel should be one qualification for example.

  • THE BABYLON ACADEMY, Berlin June 12th_26th

    Babylon Academy @ Kunsthaus Tacheles, Mitte Berlin.
    private view: June 12th

    Curated by s-editions, this show will also feature Dr.D, Goldie, Ryca, David Walker, Pure Evil, Brian Jones, Mantis, Ryca, David Walker & Manuel Duboe.

    opening partyfeaturing live music & DJ sets from: Gob$au$age, Gene Serene, Goldie.

    I will be live sketching as a practice run for my attempt to set a World land speed record for portraiture.

    preview website online now at:


  • Blow It Out Your Ass, May 29th 2008

    Blow It Out Your Ass @ No:ID gallery 26 Calvert Ave, London E2
    private view: May 29th 2008 18.30~22.00

    This is a show based on how underground comix, rock poster and flyer art inspire the tattoo scene. Curated by Henry Hate Prick Tattoo

  • Sketching Rockin'JellyBean video

    There is a video clip of me sketching the legendary Japanese artist Rockin'JellyBean in his Osaka studio.
    I'm working in black biro on paper, you can see the finished sketch coloured in acrylic in the portraits section on this website.
    Oil on canvas version coming soon....



    I have 2 live sketching gigs on the horizon for May 2008:
    the first is on saturday May 3rd at Egg, Kings Cross, London.
    the 2nd is at the long awaited return of the legendary Kashpoint club, at Moonlighting in Soho on sunday May 25th.

  • Rockin' Jellybean

    I recently met up with the fabulous Japanes artist Rockin' Jellybean.
    He posed for me for a sketch that will become the latest in my "favourite artists" series of paintings.
    Some nice pix here at the Erostika blog

  • New websites featuring Atomic.

    My prints and artwork are currently being offered on the following sites.




  • DRAW

    DRAW @ Stolenspace, Truman Brewery (off Brick Lane), London

    I've contributed a picture of my muse Manko
    The private view is on the evening of Thursday March 6th.

    There are over 300 artists contributing, including some of my favourites! H.R.Giger, Joe Coleman, Neckface, Ron English...


    I've been asked to contribute to Jim Ramsay's Town Without Pity exhibition in Canada this May.
    Jim is currently sculpting model houses to be decorated by the contributing artists. Also taking part is Mike Leavitt, so this'll be my second show with an Art Army connection, and Jack Mclean who I remember from his public burning performances in Tokyo during the 1990s. There's a whole host of others involved I can wait to see how it turns out.

    opening May 23rd 2008
    Elissa Cristall Gallery
    2245 Granville Street
    Vancouver, BC Canada V6H 3G1

  • *The 12 Days of Christmas*

    The lovely folks at www.art-el.co.uk have asked me to take part in their x-mas show this year, if you're in the bristol area please pop in...

    Saturday 8th - Sunday 23rd December
    (Opening night - Friday 7th December - 7pm-10pm)
    Opening times: Saturdays & Sundays 12pm-5pm
    Wednesdays - Fridays 12pm-8pm (closed Mon & Tue)
    The Old Bridewell Police Station
    Nelson Street, Broadmead, Bristol, BS1

  • *Dr.D & mr Atomic* join Art Army

    I'm proud to announce that D & I have both been turned into action figure sculptures by Seattle based artist Mike Leavitt for his Art Army project.


    See the figures in question at our Brighton show, Hotel Pelirocco opening on Oct 18th. (mail me for opening night guestlist)

  • Aug~Oct 2007 shows

    Fri 24th Aug, Studio Neon have asked me to contribute some art to their event at Egg.

    Sat Sept 22nd, Showtime presents wearable art for durable people at the Egg, live portrait sketching.

    Sat Oct 6th, Dorian Gray: Happy Days group show, John Jones,4 Morris Place off Stroud Green Road, Finsbury Park,London N4 3JG

    Thurs Oct 18th, 2 person show with Dr.D at Pelirocco Hotel Brighton. This will be a big one for me.

  • group show:

    Professional Development Sculpture and Painting Final Show

    31 May - 7 June 2007
    Private view: Wednesday 30 May 6:30 - 8: 30 p.m.

    Hortensia Gallery
    Kensington and Chelsea College
    Hortensia Road
    London SW10 0QS

    opening times: 9am -9pm Mon - Wed, 9am - 5pm Thurs - Fri