exhibition flyer.

I'm curating this show, now over 40 contributors! full listing and links below:

Jason Atomic & Garry Vanderhorne present:
Iconography Of Mask
Restistance Gallery, 265 Poyser St, Bethnall Green, London.

A 3 day festival of masks featuring:
Exhibition opening party Thursday 30th July from 7pm-11pm.
Art, DJ's and bands Friday 31st 8pm-2am.
Seminars, workshops, fashion show & masked ball Sat 1st from 2pm till Sunday morning.

This is the first in a proposed annual festival & travelling show.
The Resistance Gallery is also the home to Lucha Britannia the UK equivalent to Mexican "Lucha Libre" masked wrestling.

Over the weekend there will be performances by masked bands, wrestling demonstrations, mask making workshops etc... all culminating in the spectacular masked ball on the saturday night.

The exhibition features new mask related paintings by Jason Atomic and a group display of masks hand made and customised masks contributed by over 40 artists from around the world.

There will be a glossy full colour catalogue/magazine designed available to order online, issue 1 will be on sale at the show and a revised edition will be prepared after the event to incorporate late entries, reviews and pictures from the opening, performances etc...

Confirmed contributors (in alphabetic order)

Jason Atomic http://www.jasonatomic.co.uk
Anthony Ausgang http://www.ausgangart.com
Simon Aronson http://www.themakingspace.co.uk
Bonnie Baker http://www.myspace.com/pixiespider
Bigfoot http://www.bigfootone.com
Daniel "The Horror" Cantrell http://www.goodvsevilzine.blogspot.com
Fernando Carpaneda http://www.fernandocarpaned.com
Charles of London http://www.charlesoflondon.com
Leee Black Childers http://www.myspace.com/leeechilders
Mark "Turbochainsaw" Clifton http://www.turbochainsaw.co.uk
Ben Constantine http://www.plumpoyster.com
Warwick Fraser-Coombe http://www.warwickfrasercoombe.co.uk
Cutterskink http://www.cutterskink.com
dr.d http://www.drd.nu
Johnny Deluxe (Yes!Future!) http://www.myspace.com/yesfuturelondon
Espira http://www.espira.co.uk
Sabine Arminjon von Filth http://www.myspace.com/pretty_polly82
Pam Glew http://www.pamglew.co.uk
Grave Industries http://www.myspace.com/grave2004
Deborah Griffin
Henry Hate (Prick Tattoo) http://www.henryhate.com
ITEM a.k.a Adrien Koleric http://www.thinkitem.com
Lady Love http://www.myspace.com/lady_love_babs
Makkinoso http://www.makkinoso.com
Honey Manko http://www.myspace.com/mankosuicide
Jack Mclean http://.assemblylanguage.com/reviews/McLean.html
Miss Mirma http://www.martinacorradi.com/
Miscellany a.k.a Tamara http://www.myspace.com/miscellanyuk
Monsterlune http://www.monsterlune.com
Ben Newman http://www.bennewmanart.blogspot.com
Part2ism http://www.myspace.com/part2ism
James Powderly http://graffitiresearchlab.com
Riot Queer http://www.myspace.com/riot_queerrr
Vlad Quigley http://www.vladquigley.com
Scottee http://www.scottee.co.uk
Suckadelic http://www.suckadelic.com
The Drag Fiend Crew http://www.myspace.com/thedragfiendcrew
The Gothic Hangman http://www.gothichangmanstudios.com
Nix Toxic http://www.nixtoxic.com
Uolevi http://koti.kapsi.fi/retromantik/
Garry Vanderhorne http://www.luchabritannia.co.uk


Iconography Of Mask
Iconography Of Mask