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A punk rock style commemorative quilt made as a memorial to my late friend Kid Banano.
Kid once told me that he had been collecting old t-shirts etc.. for many years with a mind to making them into a quilt.
After he died I collected several of these, combining them with some of my own collection (including a Japanese festival head scarf given to me by another dead friend, Aya) to make this patchwork.
My mother, Manko & I sewed it together.
The swastika design is relevant in that it was Kid's favourite symbol it is also sacred to Buddah and as such offers the promise of reincarnation.

Anyone uncomfortable with the swastika & distracted by it's perversion by the Nazis I refer to
ManWoman who can explain the importance of this wonderful symbol far better than I.
Kid Banano & I have both signed his 'Swastika Declaration of Independence'

Patchwork quilt, swastika, folk art, punk
Kid Banano memorial quilt