Jason Atomic
Tartcards in phoneboxesTartcarts in phoneboxTokyo Tartcard (green)Tokyo Tartcard (pink)Tokyo Tartcard (blue)Tokyo Tartcard (yellow)Tokyo Tartcard (blonde)Tokyo1I'm Hungry......SEXPOT...New Genuine...23 Yr Old...Young Student...Spanish Transexual...CharlotteSlim Leggy...Pinky's My Name...
These paintings are essentially life drawings using for their models, prostitute's calling cards found taped, or blu-tacked into public telephone boxes.

These Tokyo tartcard used manga illustrations instead of photographs, found in telephone boxes in the Shinjuku 2-chome district in the early/mid 1990s.

The London tartcards were collected in and around the west End of London, most notably from the red telephone boxes behind the British Museum and around Russel Square.

Whores are heroes! these images are meant as a tribute to those self-sacrificing, non-judgmental and brave young ladies who act as a pressure release valve on our sick society.